July 28, 2010

God gives what u really need but not what u want.....................

ever heard of this before?? i guess so..rite.?? sometimes i wonder why do Allah did not fulfilled every thing that i wish n pray for..y is this happening?? 

 i'd still remembered during my senior high school-surau time.this is compulsory thing that all boarding school should have or otherwise u will be caught of escaping unless ur PERIOD. but u still have to go to surau to hear some tazkirah.

n then one fine day,,one ustaz told us why our wish sometimes did not fulfilled. this is becuz Allah considered all the wish that we were praying for n managed to prioritizes which is important n which is not.

as i apply to my cases rite now..Allah met me with my fiance now becuz of i need someone which has the same characteristic with my father  that happen to be that one day i'd pray for my husband-to-be has the same characteristic with my "bapak"..thats y Allah fulfilled my dream..Alhamdulillah..

day to day i learn to love u from the bottom of my heart dear,,n my best friend once told me..if one day u have the choice,,please choose the man that loves u more than u do..my mama also told me the same..coz u r very lucky to be loved so much by him more than u do love urself..

i do not care if anyone told we were not MATCH to each other.i really dont care..becuz i know ur heart will always be with me no matter what...

me n my ring

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