February 11, 2013

Piece of advice to my dearest friend

Dear friend,

I read your blog most of the time without you knowing that i read becuz i seldomly did not leave any comment. It is very pleasure to read your english. Thats y i love to read your writing. I know u have 'this' problem just like me before. Thats y i want to share it here with u and everyone.

Today after few months not updating any words in my blog. Dont have any idea what to blog about..ok lets get to the main point.

The point that i want to bring up tonite is 'the waiting game'. I've  been in your shoes dear. I know exactly how you feel. I've been in that frustration every time the period came. U have to thank Allah eventhough u still waiting but you dont have any health problem. Not like me. I have 'controlable' pcos just like the doctor named it. So u still have 100% chance to conceive. Dont worry dear. It just about time.This are the time Allah want us to believe about rezeki and patience. Not just believe but learn and earn.

I know u are not stressing about u still didnt conceive yet. U are actually stressing about the people around you. The question, the guessing and that annoying caring that actually turn to 'bz body'. Believe me..dont take that too serious. I know how hurt u feel. Dont really care about that stupid question and if necessary try to answer them back with annoying answer. Then baru padan muka drg.

I've been waiting for almost 7 months to conceive. When i think back, Allah actually give me that time to know my husband well since we just met less than 1 year before we decided to get married. SubahanaAllah..I only realized it when i was pregnant..

When i was diagnosed with PCOS, i was asked to shed some weight. Yes i do, but successfully lose only 2kg. Hahaha. Why only 2kg? Thats becuz i stop dieting n exercising. Why i stop? Becuz i AM PREGNANT? Excited? Of koz. This is what i want. Alhamdulillah..syukur ke hadrat ilahi.

Lost 2kg looks like senang n mudahkn? But hell no..i am on strict diet n also took some additional help from xy product. Forgot what the name..sorry. But it is really help. It contains L-Carnitine which the pharmacist said can burn the old n stubborn fat from our body. I start diet n exercised on april-may...then i didnt have my spotting n period on june n confirmed pregnant on 13 july. Still remember since it falls on the same day with my husband's birthday..

Everyday without giving up i pray to Allah n also questioning Him why i still not pregnant. I also think this are the balasan for dosa masa lalu. How desperado i am kn? I promised to HIM that i will be a good mother n loyal wife if i was promoted to 'mother' position..sampai mcm tu skali.

And finally all my prayer was answered by HIM on 13 july. I was more than the happiest person in the whole wide world.

So my advice to u..dont stressed about all that stupid and so caring question..soon u will know why Allah give u this period of waiting. Just be patient dear..

LOts Of lOve..
Your Dearest friend..

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